Who We Are

Ducks Drinking and

   Drinking Ducks

Sometimes it's good to have a laugh and and not take yourself too seriously.

 Just stop

and have a drink of Gods love and presence  

Grassroots is based in Reporoa New Zealand and was founded by Warwick and Lorraine Clark. They pastored for 17 years in Papamoa and were privileged to be part of a wonderful move of God over this time. In 2008 they both felt that organised church needed to become more organic and less driven. They loved the intimacy of a personal relationship with God, but wanted

a more simple and sustainable way to love God and His People.

In 2012 Warwick and Lorraine moved to Rotorua and started a simple gathering of people who

were hungry for deeper encounters with God. Their focus was worship, the prophetic and exploring their true identity and position in Christ. 

Along the way revelations of God's grace, the finished work of the Cross, Sonship, encounters in heavenly realms and the simplicity of God's love has lead them deeper in Him.

In 2018 Warwick and Lorraine moved Grassroots to a new base at  River Road, Reporoa near Taupo. They are have started a local weekly fellowship and training school focused the simpicity of God's love and identity found in HIM.


Part of the journey has been learning to become invisible and let His Glory and love be seen through us.