What We do

Our Expression of His Love

Grassroots Weekly Fellowship


Simply Loving God and each other well

We gather as a fellowship ,on a weekly basis on a Sunday at 6:30pm. We love to worship prophetically and see where The Holy Ghost leads. We love the Spirits freedom! Our focus is, as we adore Him, His presence and fire increases and we go deeper into his love. We invite different speakers every month to teach from the heart as Sons and daughters of God.

Grassroots Monthly Gatherings

Every month we hold a gathering for people from across the North Island. We meet at the Waiara Farmhouse and sometimes in the Glory Barn. This is a time of great fellowship with people we don't see as often. We as a people spend time hearing together what God is saying to us  and our nation. We also have extended time worshipping  and soaking in His presence. 

Quarterly Waiara Gatherings

Around every three months we have a three day weekend. Where groups and tribes simular to us gather together for fellowship and Praise and Worshi


Grassroots Events

Throughout the year we have bigger outreach and training events held in larger buildings. Lots

of fun lighting Holy Ghost fires in our local community and further afield.



Southern Fire Tent Meetings

In 2017  and 2018 we helped host the Southern Fire tent ministry along with several churches from Rotorua.  We had some awesome outreach on the Rotorua lakefront. We made some great friends with the team from Southland headed by John and Sheila Watson. Since then we have joined with them to prepare for more outreach in the North and South Island in 2018.

Vision and Blue Printing

The body of Christ is moving into a new Kingdom reality. In this new season many are receiving fresh vision and dreams for the future. However sometimes it can be hard to take the dream, inspire others to come alongside and make it a reality. 


Before you can build you need a blueprint.

What we do is come alongside a ministry or church and help facilitate the process of writing and communicating a dream or a vision for the future. Our focus is helping people co-labour with God to reach their vision.


We minister as watchmen and builders giving prophetic guidance, facilitate group meetings that allow people's hearts to speak and connect with a vision. From that we write and design practical plans to build towards the vision.



Grassroots Media

The power to communicate through all forms of digital media is amazing. Right back to the early 1900s at the Azusa St revival in Los Angeles, it was a small newspaper published by the church that was sent around the world that started Holy Ghost fires that blazed across the globe touching 50 million people to this day. Grassroots heart is to chronicle revival in New Zealand and communicate this to the world. Warwick has been involved with publishing, web and television for over 25 years so we are available to video record testimony and conferences or help with a promotion.