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Making a Strong Stand Together as One

WE are gathering again at Waiara to continue to birth sounds of the land from the Father's heart. In these day of the mature Sons of God arising and moving in kingdom governmental authority (Romans 8:19). The Lord has been speaking to us about taking a STRONG STAND together as a people in Christ for our nation. Maori, Pakeha and people from the nations together declaring the praise of Jesus over our land.  We will be creating  Songs, Chants and Haka that declare our stand for Christ as one people over Aotearoa. 

Isaiah 24:16 -  From the ends of the earth we hear singing: "Glory to the Righteous One."

Isaiah 60:1 NIV

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”


Daniel 11:32 MSG

but those who stay courageously loyal to their God will take a strong stand.” 

Daniel 11:32 (NKJV) 

but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out [great exploits.].       

Our Waiara Summer Gatherings are not meetings or conferences where people sometimes come to be entertained or enjoy a performance. Our gatherings are first and foremost about community and participation together, each of us contributing to the whole with our love, talents and spiritual gifts.

A wise man once said if we let the heart speak we will find agreement, from agreement we find unity and from unity we start to move in God's government and dominion.

We have our friends Ian and Joye Johnson,  Leon & Rowan Kelly & tribe, Tricia McDonald, Terina- Marie Tahuri, Levi Kelly

Richard and Laurelle van Gaalen and few more friends to confirm, who will be joining us so it will be a great time together.

We invite you to come and join with us TOGETHER for our WAIARA Summer Gathering. 

We only have space n the Glory Barn for 100 people and limited camping sites, however there is plenty of accomodation in Taupo only 15 minutes away. SO REGISTER AND BOOK YOUR ACCOMODATION EARLY

PS: The name of our Grassroots base is WAIARA which means path of water or the bursting of birth waters


Registrations are now open for Waiara Summer Gathering

Starts Friday night in the Glory Barn 7pm

Saturday there is a 10am, 2pm and 7pm meeting


Sunday again there will be a 10am , 2pm and 7pm gathering


Monday there will be a 10am gathering


All meetings will be held at 1729 River Road, Broadlands Forest, Taupo which is 20 minutes drive from the centre of Taupo.


We have limited camping sites available at a cost of $25 for the weekend. Give us an email or phone us on

0274 585 335 and we can give you more information.


Cost for the long weekend gathering is $75 per person

Couples & Families $125

Day Pass per person  $35

( Cost does not include food )

Friday night shared dinner bring a plate or food. Don't worry if you can't bring a plate because you are traveling we will have our Bbq going with plenty of food.

Dinners will be  Saturday night Hangi $5 small $10 Large and Sunday night Fish and Chips $5 

Lunch will be BBQ  $5.00  Sat & Sun

Payment can be made online, just go to our donate page for payment details and in the details field of your payment put your name and WSG2019 in the next field.

Email Registration Form

Thanks! Registration sent we will confirm back by email

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Directions to Waiara