• Carol Congalton

Flames of Revival

The following account is from last night during a time of prayer. I was thanking the LORD for His many blessings when suddenly I could 'see' this scene as described below. I was not physically translated into this realm but rather I could see it in my 'mind's eye' or one might say 'in the spirit':

'I could see a room in heaven which was filled with flames. It wasn't hot, neither was there smoke or any sense of burning. I asked the LORD what this room was. He answered it was the Room of Revival. I thought at first glance the flames were one large flame but they then separated into individual flames of various sizes. Many, many angels were gathering and entering this room, each one taking the flames that were particularly assigned to them. I asked the LORD to show me more but the vision ceased at that point. I began to pray for revival for my family, for my home town and for the districts nearby. I felt it was ok to ask for this and in fact got the sense that it was vitally important to request revival flames to be delivered to earth for families and geographical areas. Next the LORD took me back to the Room of Revival. This time I could see a tall angel standing to one side, reading aloud from a green covered book which he held. I could not hear what the angel was saying but got the impression he was reading out from received revival prayer requests, for families and districts, that people had prayed for over many years. It was time for these revival flames to be delivered to earth in answer to these prayers. The angels were active and moved with purpose as they took hold of their assigned flames. Next the LORD showed me the opposition that awaited these revival carrying angels. I could see swarms of very large, black blowfly type creatures. They were hovering between heaven and earth, almost patrolling the skies if you like, waiting to attack. The LORD said that there would be a contending and a battle for these revival flames coming through and that we were to pray and intercede! Also that it wasn't too late to keep bringing our revival prayers before Him as this was going to be an ongoing operation with multitudes of His angels involved. I got the sense we are about to enter into a fresh and earnest revival season.' The vision ended.

Shortly after this encounter at around 11pm I heard the fire siren go off in a neighbouring town [Te Puke]. We sometimes hear this siren when the wind is blowing in the right direction. Then this morning the fire siren went off in my home town, [Papamoa]. I had also heard the local fire siren sound just before this heavenly encounter happened last night - so three times the sirens have sounded, in fairly quick succession. Let's pray for revival with renewed vigour - I know I am now, after 'seeing' the above heavenly scene.

All Glory to JESUS!!! Carol Congalton

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