• Carol Congalton

The Stealth of Pride

I was dreaming.....

'I could see a rusty wreck of a car with the driver still sitting in it, uninjured, but reluctant to get out. I wasn't sure if the driver was trapped or remained there by choice, but I sensed the driver had been in that driver's position for a very long time. Suddenly I saw a lioness stalking the driver, with at least two other lions of the same group hovering in the background. I willed the driver to 'get out!' as I watched this dreadful scene. The lioness moved ever so quietly, closer and closer. The driver refused to move, however I wasn't even sure the driver was aware of the imminent danger. Without further warning the lioness pounced on the roof of the car wreck, causing the structure to collapse and expose the driver completely. The driver still would not get out although a way to get out was now readily available. At this point the dream thankfully went out of focus visually, but I could see the lions taking the life of the driver as his flesh succumbed to their attack.' The dream ended.....

The interpretation:

'In these days when My Glory is being manifest more and more, 'pride' is stalking those who will not humble themselves before Me. Pride is subtle, moves stealthily, and is well camouflaged. Pride goes after the flesh of man to feed on and is always looking for opportunities to make a kill. For those who will not willingly transition from the old to the new, hear this alarm sounding! Do not stay in your old place of comfort nor 'rest on your laurels' for I AM moving on from the old camp sites. Follow hard after Me, with the fire of My HOLY SPIRIT and the Cloud of My Glory guiding you onwards. Do not allow your flesh to hold onto what once was, but humble yourselves so that I can lift you up at the proper time, into all that I lovingly desire to give you.....'

Proverbs 16 v 18 "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall."

By Carol Congalton

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