• Carol Congalton

Two Doors

An interesting but serious vision through the night. I don't share it lightly but I do relate the details of it as it was shown to me.....

'I stood before two doors and was drawn to the keyholes rather than the doors themselves. The first keyhole on the first door was very, very large and when I looked through it I could see lots of people laughing, eating, and generally having a really great time amongst themselves. There were even 'winged beings' joining in. Everything and everyone were covered with gold. I asked HOLY SPIRIT was this His glory realm and was I seeing Heaven? HE didn't answer me but rather as I continued to look through the keyhole I sensed I could easily enter in just by putting my hand within the keyhole and pushing the door. I continued to look but didn't enter in. Suddenly the whole scene turned to grey ashes which fell onto the floor within and nothing remained as I'd seen before. [I then realised the scene was not of GOD and had the hallmarks of idolotary, with the people depicted having a hard, statue-like appearance to them.] I turned to the second door and looked through it's very little keyhole. I couldn't see when I peered through as it was completely dark inside. I gently opened the door and Light flooded the interior of the room. There inside were many many people who had been held captive in complete darkness for a very long time. Some were in chains and some were not. However none had known how to escape their captivity. The more I opened up the Door the more the Light shone onto these desperate souls. The vision ended.....

Oh how we need discernment in these days we're in. The 'Great Commission' is still so very pertinent and for me personally this vision has brought it back home as to just how necessary it is for us to 'rescue the perishing'. Time is short.....

Luke 4 v 18-19 John 10 v 9 All of Matthew Chapter 24.

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