• Warwick Clark

A Pioneer at heart

If you are one who always embraces change as an adventure, and enjoys the journey even more than the destination, you’re most probably are a pioneer.

I know my heart is wired like that. I have tasted revival and the fire of Gods

love and all I want is more of Him. I cannot settle down, I have to keep pursuing His Glory and the deeper understanding and experience

of His Zion Realm.

Philippians 3:20 TPT

But our passions are set on the heavenly realm as we cling

tightly to our Life-Giver, the Lord Jesus Christ

I was in a meeting with Justin Abraham, where he led us into corporate ascension into heavenly realms. I was taken into the throne room of heaven, where I pushed a milk wagon into this realm and began to load it with full cream milk cans, butter, gold and other treasures from heaven. It was like preparing for a journey. When I came back to the meeting with a thump, I felt like I had left something very special behind - this wagon full of spiritual treasure. Since then in worship I sometimes see the wagon wheel coming out of heaven, but as yet it has not totally landed. I get excited each Jewish new year when I read:

Psalm 65:11 ESV

You crown the year with your bounty;

your wagon tracks overflow with abundance.

I believe that this is a very special time for the pioneers. Many are worn out

and discouraged, but the Lord is saying “the season is changing, I am about

to crown this year with abundance and restoration as you draw near

to His promise-land for you.”

I love the true story of Johnny Appleseed who grew bundles of apple seedlings to give to the pioneers as they staked their claims in the Wild West of America. To stake your claim you had to prove you and your family could survive on the land you were claiming. The apple seedlings helped to prove that they could survive and live on the land.

We are drawing near to a time of staking our claim for His Kingdom on earth

as it is in heaven. A time of refreshing for the pioneers is coming, where we

will receive new deposits on our inheritance in Heaven - like the apple seedlings the pioneers received from Johnny Appleseed.

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