Grassroots 2020 TG.png

Once a month on a Saturday we have a Grassroots Gathering at Waiara Farm at Reporoa. We meet for a shared fellowship lunch then have worship and share the word at the Waiara Farmhouse.

Then we have a simple dinner and the meet at the Waiara Farm Glory Barn for a worship night followed by a camp fire.

People from across Aotearoa are encouraged to come and can camp or stay Marae style in the Waiara Farmhouse huge

lounge. ( just bring a tent, mattress and sleeping bag ) ( there is also plenty of accomodation in Taupo 15-20 minutes away)

The focus of these gathering is all about " we the people of God together". Love, fellowship and community builds unity and from unity comes God's blessing and dominion.