Registration are now open for Our Easter Gathering

with Lisa McFarland and team

Easter Gathering starts with a Passover Meal at 7pm on Friday the 31st  with Lisa sharing through out this time

Saturday there is a 1:00 pm and 7pm meeting


Sunday again there will be a 10am and 7pm meeting


Monday there will be a 10am meeting


All meeting will be help at 1729 River Road, Broadland Forest, Taupo which is 20 minutes drive from the centre of Taupo.


We have limited camping sites available at a cost of

$10 per day. Give us a email or phone us on

0274 585 335 and we can give you more information.


Cost for gathering is $30 per person

Couples & Families $50


The passover meal will cost a additional $15 per person 

Children $10


Payment can be made online, just go to our donate page for payment details and in details field of your payment

put your name and  EG2018 in the next field.

Note: Please tell us if you are attending the Passover Feast

Thanks! Registration sent we will confirm back by email