The Zion Realm

A fresh Zeal for the Zion Realm

Hebrews 12:22 TPT

By contrast, we have already come near to God in a totally different realm, the Zion-realm, for we have entered the city of the Living God, which is the New Jerusalem in heaven! We have joined the festal gathering of myriads of angels in their joyous celebration!


 Prophetic Words and Encounters in the Zion Realm

IAN JOHNSON - 23.08.14  

His Amazing Glory Ministries.

Pink and White Terraces Vision

Warwick Clark




On the 10th of June 2008 I was in a meeting at our church where Ian Johnson was ministering. There was a wonderful presence of God and I was enjoying Gods laughter when I had a open vision of the Pink and White Terraces and the Lord said to me that when they are revealed again, it will be a sign that God is about to move in a mighty way in New Zealand.


At that time I had very little understanding about the Pink and White Terraces at all. I only knew that in the 1800s they were known as one of the eight wonders of the world and that tourism from around the globe had come to the Rotorua district to view them and soak in their waters until the Tarawera Eruption in 1886 destroyed them.


After the service Lorraine and I took Ian and Joy home for a bite to eat. It was about ten o'clock and I turned on the television and on it was a documentary about the Tarawera eruption in 1886. What I found out was that the Terraces were destroyed on the 10th of June (also my mothers birthday). The documentary stated that the Pink and White Terraces were totally destroyed in the eruption and that their former location was now deep under Lake Rotomohana never to be seen again.


 I really did question my vision after watching that documentary. But to me the vision had been so significant and dynamic with the date of my vision lining up with the Tarawera eruption anniversary and what we watched on TV, I had to keep holding the vision in my heart.


Over the next 3 years scientists scanning the bottom of lake Rotomahana with sonar discovered that the Pink and White Terraces had not been totally destroyed and parts of both Terraces were intact covered in mud and silt.  This was very encouraging to me as It confirmed that what I had seen could come to pass.


After studying how the waters of Lake Rotomohana covered the Terraces after the eruption, I found the channel between Lake Rotomahana and Lake Tarawera had been blocked with mud and ash during the eruption and Lake Rotomanhana now sits about 39 metres higher than Lake Tarawera. The lake is now approximately 3 times its original size at the time of the eruption. (See picture)







Over the years I have shared my vision with a few friends and groups.Significantly in 2011 with a church in Rotorua, where I saw another picture of a Revival train hitting Kawerau and then rolling through to Rotorua.


My family have now moved to the Rotorua area and know that God has settled us here for such a time as this. In the past 6 months I have talked with two other prophetic people, the latest being in the past week who have seen the Pink and White Terraces revealed as a sign from God for revival and restoration of our nation.


I have carried this vision in my heart for nearly 10 years and with two recent confirmations, God clearly gave me the verse in Habakkuk 2:2 to me this week to write the vision down and publish it on our website.



Habakkuk 2:2-3 NKJV

Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.”



I don't know when or how the vision will happen, but I do get a stirring in my Spirit to make the vision known and that 2017 is a very important year in God's destiny for New Zealand.

Warwick Clark



Ground Zero - David Roseveare from Christchurch

3rd December 2016

Rough summary of words spoken at Rotorua Gathering on 3rd December 2016 given by David Roseveare from Christchurch

I invite each one of you, here and now, to ask this question of the God you all claim to believe in: Did You ask these people to come here and give us a message?  
If you don’t get His confirmation of that, we will leave now, or you should ignore what we say.
First, about Rotorua.
I would like to tell you about my experience last Thursday. Having dropped my wife at the airport Shannon and I went up Aorangi, hoping for some direction from God. We spent some time there, but didn’t get a whole lot, so decided to return home. On the drive down Claytons Road, I thought I heard the Lord say “Coffee”, but ignored it as being highly unlikely. As we were driving north out of Rotorua, I sensed we needed to turn back and drive into the city. God confirmed that. So, after some discussion, we did – not knowing where we were supposed to go. It was a case of turn left, go straight ahead, etc. This led us to a coffee bar called Third Place Café, where we went in and ordered our drinks. As we were sitting there, looking out over the lake, God told me this was the centre. I asked what that meant. He said it was ‘Ground Zero’, but that didn’t make me any the wiser. Then I was reminded that Ground zero is a term the military use for the point of a huge explosion, and from which the wave (impact) radiates out.
When we finished out drinks we drove down to building where Matai Bennett’s new church is based. I asked if they were supposed to be part of some new move. I sensed the answer was that they could be, if they wanted to be, but it had to be on God’s terms. That would mean having to respond to His way for whatever was to come – and not simply carry on doing what they wanted or what they had always done.
As we drove back out of town along Lake Road, Shannon told me he had just had a word that God was coming to ‘clean up this mess’. Without knowing exactly what ‘this mess’ meant, I took it to mean a great deal more than some local move of God in part of Rotorua. I believe it meant a much greater move involving the whole country.  
The next night the three of us went to the service at Hinemoa St, and spoke to Matai. He pointed out that God had told some people to begin revival meetings at the disused Lake House Hotel, next to the café we had been in the previous afternoon. That appeared to be a confirmation, both for them and for us, that God plans to begin something major in that area. I don’t know what that is, how big it might be, or when it may happen. My best guess is that, if those involved will seek God directly, He will explain what He wants them to do. But I sensed a repetition of the warning that it has to happen God’s way, not man’s. If man gets in the way, it could delay or frustrate God’s plans, and those who try will find themselves sidelined from what He plans to do. And if local Christians choose to avoid or ignore what Gods intends to do, they may well find themselves sidelined as well.



Lake House and Ohinemutu Vision

Eugene Iti  June 2016

We had another wonderful weekend at the Lakehouse. An incredible peace over the weekend and sense we were moving in a new phase as we head to the jewish new year Rosh-Hashanah at the start of October. Eugene Iti had a very interesting prophetic word about the Lakehouse and it's location on first weekend we meet.
Here is his prophesy and his story around what happened the next day.

Eugene Iti Prophetic Word - Day 1 June 10th 2016

The Lord’s been doing some stirring within my spirit over the last few days and the word that came to me as soon as I got here was “Shaking”. He is shaking in the sprint realm. HE IS SHAKING. I went outside to pray for about a minute and he showed me lightning, but it was like a dividing, like the word says, dividing in the spirt. But he’s going to shake this city in the spirit. There are people here today that know what that means.
He is going to shake this city. People are going to come to know him personally and intimately all over.
I look out over all the motu and it was full of people praising the lord, which I had seen some time ago, a couple of years ago.

This is where I saw a lot of people standing up along the lake shore and they were praising the lord. All people, our people.
He tanagata te Whenua 


Word 2 June 11th 2016

Kia ora everyone, 
Last night my word about the shaking in the spirit, the Lord said there’s more. He said there will be trembling. 
After the trembling comes, he will open the windows of Heaven and he will pour out his spirit upon all flesh in Rotorua 
Rotorua is set aside for him. He said “this is my city”. I have set the city aside for my time and this time is now.
-He said this city should be well known amongst the people and not only amongst our own people, but the world. People shall come from all over the world to see what he is doing in this city. This is my city, this is my people, says the Lord. 

This morning I attended a Tangihanga/Funeral, just down below the Lake House. The whenua is called “Te Kohea”, the marae is called “Te Parata Hoata”, the whare is called Tonuhopu, the wharekai is named “Rukaawai” Ohinemutu. It was the Tangihanga/Funeral of Morris Kereopa, my Aunty Lorrains first cousin and as I got there I saw a man from “Tuhourangi”. Tuhourangi is the sub-tribe, made up of the survivors from Te Wairoa (Buried Village), who came and dwelt at Te Pakira, which is the name of the marae at Whakarewarewa. They opened their whare/home up to them and were named “Tuhourangi”. Ngati Wahioa is the main tribe there.

I said to this gentlemen, How was it out at Te Wairoa? he said it was touching, very moving, spiritually. I said “oh amen”. He said what did you see last night? I said excuse me, He said what did you see last night? He said he read my Facebook status this morning, I said oh ok and I shared with him what the Lord had shown me and he said wow, that’s awesome, what you guys have started at the Lakehouse, because the Lakehouse is a chosen place. He said this was the place of the gathering back when it was established 1872.
He said people were gathering here, not only for the alcohol, this was the number 1 hook up, where they all gathered, because Rotorua is central. He said from the carpark to the shore he said that there were homes and houses all down there, I said yes, it was like it was ancient for what I saw last night in the spirit and people used to worship along the front, all the people from around here, from Ohinemotu. They would worship the Lord, morning and night, not just on a Sunday but every day.

So that is something that I take to heart because we are people of this city. We are Tangata Whenau, we come from here. In saying that, What pastor ‘Warwick’ and Lorraine have started here, not only did June the 10th have something to do with it because of the eruptions, 130 years before, but also because what God showed me was something from early times and its going to come back around again.
The foundation of the land that the Lakehouse sits on , right down to the shore, was a slope and they would all worship the Lord and not just on a Sunday, it was every day. There was no particular time, He said that the people of Ohinemotu had a personal connection with Io Matua Ariki, The Lord God Almighty, that was their name for him. He said they knew him personally, however they rarely spoke his name because that name was sacred to them to our people. But they worshiped him for hours, days on end he said no matter what time it was , they all worshiped on the lake front


Vision of a New Zealand Harvest Drag Net

From Warwick Clark- June 2014

In Late June in 2014 while at our Grassroots gathering I saw a picture of a large drag net being drawn over New Zealand starting at the very bottom of New Zealand and moving North. As the net was drawn over the nation I could see buildings and institutions tumbling in the net, including the Beehive as a symbol of our government. I felt like the Lord said that he had waited for the net to be drawn until after the Christchurch earthquake because it could have torn the net if it had been drawn before the earthquake. (I saw a picture of the Christchurch Catherdral steeple piercing the net).


The picture of the drag net went right over New Zealand and continued to grow as it carried on around the pacific rim of fire.


Over the past two months I have waited upon the Lord regarding what this vision means. The core of this vision is that a great harvest is about to happen in New Zealand which will reach out to the pacfic and beyond. As a drag net in the natural picks up and tumbles everything in its way, I believe the harvest ahead of us will also tumble everything in its way, including the insititutions of our nation as well as the church.


With this in mind I saw a yacht in a storm being tumbled 360 degrees and that the keel with its lead weight was it's saving grace to right itself again. Just like the keel in the yacht, our saving grace will be our postion and identity in Christ Jesus which will keep us safe through this time.


Colossians 1:27 Amplified Bible 

To whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of [realising the] glory.


Our safety through the times ahead is only found in our personal relationship with Jesus and the security of the finished work of the cross.

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father's Love will be a wonderful enriching and glorious habitation for us all in Christ. 


However if our security is in the structures and systems of mankind, the tumbling ahead will bring us face to face with mankinds savior Jesus Christ.










WELLINGTON and the political spirit.  Ian Johnson


In 1922 Wellington New Zealand was gripped by an amazing revival that revolved around the visit of Smith Wigglesworth. Over 2000 people were saved and thousands received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There was a unity of purpose that saw an amazing glory descend upon our nation’s capital. These meetings led to the formation of the Pentecostal Church of New Zealand which continued on as a single entity until 1926/27. In this singular unity the Holy Spirit was able to move into just about every city of New Zealand. But 1927 became the year the political spirit took hold of this infant movement and by year end the Pentecostal Church of New Zealand had split into three; The Pentecostal Church, The Apostolic Church, and the Assembly of God, now replaced the single unified group, each having a slight variation on the others governmental structure. Each feeling that their way was the right way. The move triggered by Wigglesworth in 1922 saw a NZ brand of Church established, but by 1927 overseas brands had overtaken the NZ work.  Wigglesworth returned to Wellington in 1927 but interestingly he didn’t have the impact he did in 1922 in the unified atmosphere.


Wellington was plunged into the grip of a sectarian political spirit, that has remained over the city ever since. The indigenous move replaced by English and American Pentecostal brands. The Pentecostal Church of NZ struggled on in this atmosphere of competitive behavior, until it too merged and became the Elim Church of NZ in 1953. The New Life movement came out of another move in NZ in the 1950’s & 60’s, but it too became engulfed in the Jesus only and other sectarian controversies introduced from outside NZ.


In this article I am not presenting who or what form of government is right or wrong, I am merely pointing out that the unity of purpose in 1922 triggered an amazing move of God, that we have been unable to reproduce in intensity or lasting impact.


In 2008 I was carried in a vision over Wellington NZ. In the vision I saw that the city had been overwhelmed by spiritual forces intent on the destruction and mandate of New Zealand. At the same time I saw hundreds of warring Angels assigned to the city, fully armed and ready. Then I saw what looked like a giant finger draw a line in the land, and I heard the sound of a loud voice say, “The line is drawn and the battle is set” The Battle for Wellington was about to begin.


In July 2009 there was a very large earthquake under Resolution Island in the deep south of New Zealand. It occurred at 9:22pm in the evening and the pendulum fell off clocks at either end of the South Island (Gore, & Blenheim) at precisely 9:22. Numbers 9:22 says that when the cloud moves the people move. God was again declaring His resolute intention to move in New Zealand.


Since 2009 I have seen the signs of the Holy Spirits action in many parts of New Zealand. Wellington however has remained fairly closed to this move. Things are about to change. I heard the Lord very clearly say “Wellington is on notice. The land wants to move in the frequency it did in the Wigglesworth days. The false Spiritual government that has usurped the portal is being pulled down. The hosts are moving in and the eagles are circling.


An interesting aside is that in early 2014 an earthquake in Eketahuna caused a huge model eagle with a wizard on its back to fall down at Wellington airport. A signal of the intention of God to bring false prophetic government down. The fact that it happened in Wellington the place where Wigglesworth had the greatest impact was interesting to me and other prophetic voices in our land.


My friend who is a seer, is currently in Wellington, She said “The Land is very chatty right now, it wants to move in the frequency it did in Wigglesworth day” What was the frequency? Unity of purpose and a determination to see  a New Zealand movement arise.


The message here is this, That which rises up in the near future as a result of Gods resolute determination to move on New Zealand, must be allowed to develop in a New Zealand way. God is about to deal to the roots of the sectarian spirit which bases itself in Wellington. How that manifests will be interesting to watch, as it unfolds in the days, weeks and months ahead. But as a prophetic voice in New Zealand I can only stand and declare what I hear. I repeat the message again.“Wellington is on notice. The land wants to move in the frequency it did in the Wigglesworth days. The false Spiritual government that has usurped the portal is being pulled down. The hosts are moving in and the eagles are circling.”