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He moana Pukepuke e ekengia e te waka

a choppy sea can be navigated

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We provide . . . .

  • Worker Support
  • Crisis Support
  • Mediation
  • Community Development
  • Someone to talk too
  • Grief Support
  • Spiritual Advice
  • Advocacy ( being a voice for you)


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Warwick Clark has been a pastor for more than 25 years, pastoring a church in Papamoa for over 17 years. Currently Warwick and his wife Lorraine heading up Grassroots a Christian ministry focused on the simple gospel of Gods love for everybody. Warwick has had substantial experience in social service management running a community support service in Papamoa while pastoring. He has also been in business and media, and before that was dairy farming in the Waikato. Warwick's life experience including his successes and failures have given him a special ability to understand people needs providing a listening ear and practical wisdom to people going through rough times. As he says no matter what the issue is there is alway a way through to the other side. Every situation has a beginning, a middle and a end and sometimes all we need is someone to help us navigate through these rough times and pick up new life skills along the way

Please Note: Yes our service is free. We are not funded by any organisation and enjoy the freedom of Koha and private donations. 

What does Pastoral Care mean



Pastoral care is an ancient model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. It has been described in our modern context as individual and corporate patience in which trained pastoral carers support people in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories.

Pastoral care in our day  is emerging in the public arena in its own right as a care model and profession in our day.  Its value and helpfulness is now recognised as applicable to people generally in their everyday life.

Because its theory and philosophy is not dependent on any one set of beliefs or traditions, so pastoral carers are trained to relate gently and skilfully with the inner world of individuals from all walks of life. They are trained to understand and relate a  persons sense of self, their inner resources, resilience and capacity to cope.

They are not counsellors or therapists. They are personal relators operating under a positive motivation that has no strings attached.

Pastoral care is:

•          Holistic approach to the whole person

•          Exploring the inner essence soul in all of us: the inner world

•          Historically Christian .



A pastoral care worker is available for general or specific life issues concerning grief, loss, identity, , meaning of life, loss of hope, marriage break-downs, financial burdens, language barriers, loneliness, coping with disability, etc., as well as peoples triumphs, joys and victories.



Pastoral care includes

•         Seeking to be available to you at all times, especially in times of crisis

          However appointments are preferred  

•          Somewhere to go, someone to listen without necessarily wanting an outcome or treatment               e.g. for depression

•          Looking Spiritual/religious issues they are often a part of a quest for a deeper meaning of                   life, and understanding of self.

•           Referring  people to Health and Counselling services.

•           Assist people who are too afraid to approach more formal avenues of help that is, they can                act as gatekeepers

•           Providing a place to go and talk for those who are uneasy with the society in which they                      find themselves 

•           Sustaining ongoing care and support with people to develop healthy relationships.

Our service is free

Call 0274 585 335 . . . anytime